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Find Hope and Recovery

At Sage Prairie we offer empathetic, evidence-based addiction treatment options tailored to your specific needs

Have you or your family members ever experienced the following:

  • Have a different idea about recovery than that of the majority of treatment centers?
  • Stuck in a cookie cutter program?
  • Inability to “get” 12-Step recovery models?
  • Multiple episodes of return of symptoms after a period of sobriety (continued drinking after completion of treatment, “relapse”)?
  • Withdrawal symptoms so bad you can’t get through them without using services that do not understand the nature of addiction?

We may be able to help. At Sage Prairie one of the first questions, we ask each individual who enters our door is, “What does recovery mean to you?” With this answer, we incorporate all aspects of each person’s answer into a treatment plan which is used as a unique map to recovery.

In this plan, we incorporate mental health care, recovery coaching/peer support, peer group facilitation, medication management, individual and group therapy, case management and any other specific needs in a Recovery Oriented System of Care.

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