Sage Prairie

Our Programs

Our Programs

We have brought effective treatment of individuals with substance use disorder to a whole new level.   We encompass a well balanced approach to meet the individual needs of each patient, regardless of which substance they are using to a disordered level.  

Here are some of the Sage Prairie services you can count on: 

  • Individual and group professional substance use dependency counseling services from experienced and qualified counselors 
  • Educational services related to substance use disorder 
  • Substance use disorder assessments (formerly Rule 25 assessments) 
  • Adult outpatient substance use disorder treatment, varying in intensity, during the day and evening. 
  • Housing options, through our exclusive partnership with Recovery Properties in the local area – approximately 2-3 miles from our treatment centers
  • Onsite and telehealth medication management of addiction, mental health and chronic pain (Naltrexone, Suboxone, and Vivitrol) 
  • Case management to ensure all patients are getting needs met that are related to recovery  
  • Drug testing/screening  
  • Overdose-prevention and Narcan© education and prescription 
  • Individual professional counseling 
  • 24-Hour crisis support 
  • Certified Peer Recovery specialists at all levels of treatment 
  • Family and concerned person therapy and education 
  • Peer-recovery group facilitation on site at all locations 
  • A safe environment that is welcoming to all who suffer from a substance use disorder 

Peer, Support and Family Groups

Sage Prairie encourages all patients and their families to engage in recovery outside of treatment.
This is why we have partnered with South Metro Community Services to offer both recovery and
family services, so all who need to can safely reach a peer led meeting.


Sage Prairie has an exclusive partnership to offer housing in a supportive
living environment for those who are currently enrolled (or recently completed)
the day intensive treatment program in Eagan. The housing is in a suburban

neighborhood away from the triggers and reminders of the inner city. Transpor-
tation is provided to treatment for those enrolled. When our houses are full or

patients have a specific need or requires specific cultural considerations, they
are housed at facilities in the local area. Patients do not pay for housing until
they have completed the intensive portion of programming. Afterward, they
are expected to pay an affordable rent while they are in transition to independent homes. This service is very similar to IOP with housing programming.

Don’t Let Cost Stop You

We understand treatment can be costly. Don’t let this stop you from reaching out for help. Often we can find help in getting you enrolled and paying for insurance. We’re in-network with major insurances: MN Medicaid/ Direct Access, Medica/Optum, Health Partners, Preferred One, UCare, Aetna, South Country, Hennepin Health, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UMR and Cigna. If you have an insurance outside of these options, please call as we may be in network, and will help you to verify. We also accept some employee-based plans employee assistance plans, scholarships and sliding-scale options. For a majority of individuals, we can find a financial resource to help pay for treatment.


Programming Hours/Length of Treatment

Sage Prairie patients progress through treatment at various rates; there is no predetermined length of treatment. However, research has shown unequivocally, that positive outcomes are contingent on adequate treatment length. Generally, for individuals receiving care on a continuum, participation for less than 90 days has limited effectiveness, and treatment lasting longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes for a lifetime. Most patients at Sage Prairie remain engaged in treatment at varying levels of frequency and intensity for 4-9 months. Treatment dropout is one of the major problems encountered by treatment programs; therefore, motivational techniques that can keep patients engaged will also improve outcomes. By viewing addiction as a chronic disease and offering continuing care and monitoring, programs can succeed, but this will often require multiple episodes of treatment and readily readmitting patients that have relapsed.


Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Eagan Location
1440 Duckwood Drive
Eagan, MN 55123

Group Days/Hours
Monday through Thursday 9 am through 3:40 pm

Outpatient Treatment

Burnsville Location
13005 County Road 5
Burnsville, MN 55337

Group Days/Hours
Day Program: 10:30 am to 1:30 pm Monday and Wednesday,
and 10:30 am to 12:30 pm on Thursdays.
Evening Program: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm Monday and Wednesday and
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm Thursdays.

Step Down Plan

Individuals usually start at a higher intensity program or are transferred in from a withdrawal management program or residential facility. Once they and their counselor have agreed, they will step down in intensity along the continuum of care.

Example: Patient enters withdrawal management and completes seven days. They then enter a Residential Program and attend for four weeks. After completion of residential, they attend Sage Prairie’s Intensive Outpatient programming in Eagan for 12 weeks, then step down to Sage Prairie Burnsville and attend three evenings per week for 6-12 weeks, followed by two evenings per week for four weeks, then attend individual counseling one day per week for three weeks. They then are referred to a Recovery Community Organization for ongoing resources and peer support. This individual would be engaged in a continuum of care for 8 months.